The Nosh Box – A Comfort Food Truck!

That’s right, Cleveland has still more food trucks to offer. Today: the Nosh Box, a truck serving Midwestern comfort nosh with a Tex-Mex twist to hungry Greater Clevelanders.

The Nosh Box is owned by Sandy and chef Kelly Waddell, who post the day’s menu and location the night before or morning off on Facebook and Twitter. Unlike some of the more exotic menus I’ve highlighted before, the Nosh Box is all about those indulgent comforting items one regularly craves. They’re most famous for their Clevelander – fried bologna on Texas toast with all the fixin’s – and the legendary Double Wide – Texas Toast topped with two kinds of cheese, bacon and mac’n cheese! Not necessarily a truck to recommend to dieters and health food lovers, but great for that occasional indulgence we all need sometimes. Or as the Nosh Box chef put it: “Someone asked me if I had a lean body type. I told them yes I do, I lean on anyone that gets in my way !”

Sandy and Kelly were sweet enough to let me poke around in their truck kitchen:

Look at that gorgeous ciabatta! Also note the pizza oven – the Nosh Box is the only Cleveland food truck that has one; it goes up to 650F and makes for wonderfully crisp bread or pizza.

For my first nosh experience, I had a Caprese panini, consisting of mozzarella, tomato slices and pesto on ciabatta bread and toasted:

It was perfect – crispy, delicious, warm ciabatta, melty mozzarella, crisp, fresh tomato slices (roma, not the watery kind) and perfectly nutty pesto. My wife kept commenting enviously how wonderful the ciabatta looked, and she was right. That was a glorious panini – filling, warming, ooey-gooey comfort.

One of the greatest things about this truck is their special deal: bring back a reusable container and get a free drink! Now that’s a wonderful and generous offer to reduce waste. They’re also currently teaming up with MotorMouth Food Truck‘s crew, Tremont West Development Corporation and Merrick House in Tremont to provide free Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless, and are donating all their tips to this wonderful cause:

Bottom Line: Delicious comfort nosh that may not make your waistline happy, but keeps your tummy all the more content, a super-nice husband and wife team and fair prices. Only possible complaint: if I want to go this indulgent, I want dessert! ;)   4.5/5 for me, definitely check them out of you’re looking for the perfect indulgence on a cold Cleveland day!

Thanks to Kelly and Sandy for serving in freezing temperatures!

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28 Responses to The Nosh Box – A Comfort Food Truck!

  1. My respect to this couple for the great deed of giving to the society and they do have quite a bit on their menu esp the panini you had and also they have soup too!!!!

  2. The tip donation idea is such a great one. Love to see people giving back like that.

    Those kitchens are so SMALL! Hats off to all those producing quality food in small spaces. :)

    • Kiri W. says:

      I know, I’m really happy to see all the environmental/local food/community support these trucks are engaged in.

      It’s crazy, isn’t it? Especially when you consider that all the menus have a minimum of 7 items!

  3. Congratulations to them on a job well done and thank YOU for sharing this with me! I HAVE to have that caprese paninni by the way! I love that they are taking their tip money (money that helps pay their bills, etc.) and giving to the community. I am a sucker and I mean REALLY a sucker for caring people. The good food is just a bonus! :)

  4. You are making my stomach growl!! And reminding me to get out and try the food trucks we have here in Boulder. :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Gina says:

    That is such a great idea, so glad you shared them. We have many trucks in the Bay Area, and I love trying things of them. How did you know my favorite sandwich was a caprese panini, lol? Hope you have a great weekend.

    • Kiri W. says:

      Thank you! I’d love to see more about other cities’ food trucks, so feel free to share! :)
      Maybe it’s because nobody can resist a perfectly executed caprese ;) You too!

  6. Maggie says:

    I am so jealous of all your food truck reviews! This one looks amazing and I love that they are donating their tips to feed hungry people for Thanksgiving. That gets my heart every time. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Awesome write up Kiri! Places like this make me happy to see people doing what they really love and still being able to help others along the way. Looks fantastic for a little fat kid afternoon snack with a power nap to follow. thanks for sharing :)

  8. Are you chasing those food trucks?:)))) No seriously one more amazing review and menu sound so good!!!! I would be up running for pierogie or caprese panini any day of the week!!lol! Thanks for sharing, Kiri!!!

    • Kiri W. says:

      Haha, not chasing, but enticing them to stop over near my work. I’m lucky they took me up on it! :) It was sooo tasty – I’m sure your love them. I am severely intrigued by the pierogi hoagie, I’ll have to try it some time!

  9. The food truck revolution is so amazing, really bringing good food to the streets. Everything in the menu sounds so good! Sadly, I never got try one during my past vacations. Great story!

  10. Ann says:

    Love, LOVE that you have the food trucks in your city! We don’t have them in our little suburbia. I think this is a terrific truck and I particularly like that they are offering an incentive to recycle. How sweet that they are donating their tips to feed the homeless, too!

    • Kiri W. says:

      I hope you get to try some food trucks soon, it’s such a blast :)
      Agreed, I am happy to see how many of the trucks use only recycles containers or encourage to recycle!

  11. Liz says:

    Your caprese panini looks fabulous! And who wouldn’t want to support a business that donates tips to the homeless? SUPER idea!

  12. Parsley Sage says:

    I’d leave loads of tips at this lovely bus. Good food for a good cause is totally up my alley :)

  13. Kelly and Sandy Waddell says:

    Thanks to all of you for leaving such inspiring comments and to Kiri for her visit to our truck. Tomorrow is our “Food Trucks Feed Cleveland” dinner with us and MotorMouth Food Truck
    ( more awsome people on that truck). Between the two trucks, we hope to feed over 300 people !!!! and it’s all free for them. Ok, now we have to get back to work, we have a huge pile of food to prepare. Thank you again for the fantastic and thoughful comments.

    Cheers !

  14. I love that if you bring back a container you get a free drink. And how fantastic that they are donating their tips for such a wonderful cause. This is a food truck, I’d happily support!

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